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October, 2014: Neurotech Solutions – First European Scientific Advisory Board Meeting
Representatives from Neurotech Solutions recently met with the company’s European Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) in Bruges, Belgium.

In addition to sharing the latest clinical and research perspectives on ADHD, the group discussed test features and analyses that could provide new insights into ADHD and its treatments.

Participants included:

Prof. Edmund JS Sonuga-Barke, PhD, Professor of Developmental Psychology and Director, Developmental Brain-Behavior Laboratory, Southampton University, UK

Marina Danckaerts, MD/PhD, Clinical Professor and Head of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Catholic University Leuven, Belgium

Prof. David R Coghill, MD, Reader in child and adolescent psychiatry, University of Dundee University, UK
Prof. Henrik Larsson, PhD, Associate Professor of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Karin Brocki, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology, Uppsala University, Sweden



Excellent news from sunny India

Neurotech is proud to have received a grant from the Office of the Chief Scientist under the India-Israel Initiative for Industrial R&D (i4RD) program.  This award will support a new collaborative partnership with Excelsoft, Pvt, a world leader in e-learning software.  The collaboration’s first phase is a 2-year project to develop new tools for testing attention.

Neurotech executives recently met with the senior leadership of Excelsoft to formally kick off joint activities and visit Excelsoft’s testing and development facilities in sunny Mysore, India.