MOXO ADHD test is a Scientifically-Proven Online ADHD Assessment System presents a new generation of CPT featuring innovative analytics reports. Now available in South Africa. MOXO means “a moment of clarity”. It is a term taken from a martial arts ceremony that is performed before battle. During the ceremony, the warrior focuses, clears his head of Distractions and views the battle in his mind’s eye.



Moxo Advantages

Scientific validation

Scientific proof to validate your professional diagnosis

Numeric data

to compare the scores before and after treatment.

Easily identifiable

The ability to identify how distracters affect the patient's performance.


Information that allows you to track the patient's performance throughout all stages of the test.


A clear, simple and accurate way of presenting the causes of the disorder and their severity to the child's parents.

International standard

All results are compared to the international norms for the patient's age and gender, and are available the moment the test is complete.


MOXO is web-based and does not require any specific hardware. The online test is available on any computer with an internet connection so that a single MOXO account can be accessed from multiple locations.

Age-appropriate elements.

MOXO offers two test versions – the 15-minute children's test (ages 7-12) and the 18-minute adult's test (ages 13 and above).

MOXO analytics assess four major attentiveness indices: [AttentionTiming Hyperactivity Impulsiveness

Modern approaches to ADHD diagnosis and care management consider the disorder to be developmental, cognitive and behavioral. Today, MOXO Analytics is the only clinical system that delivers comprehensive and measurable indices for each of these three aspects of ADHD.